Forza Horizon 4 is coming to Steam on March 9

Microsoft and Playground Games have confirmed that Forza Horizon 4 be available on Steam on March 9. The game was originally released on Xbox One and PC -Microsoft Store- in October 2018, and last November it was updated to take advantage of Xbox Series X | S. To celebrate the announcement, a new trailer has been unveiled that you can see below.

“Dynamic seasons change everything at the best automobile festival in the world”says your description. “Go on your own or join other teams to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. Collect, modify and drive over 450 cars. Race, stunt, craft and explore – choose your own path to become a a Horizon Superstar. “

A must-have game for fans of driving

In our analysis of Forza Horizon 4 We tell you that “it is a real great game, and an essential work for any fan of the arcade of driving. A fun, varied title, full of content, customizable at all levels and visually superb. This installment does what seemed impossible, and enhances the already sensational experience of the 3, offering us more freedom to play, seasons, new types of challenges and a much better online experience, bigger and with more possibilities “.

The great novelty of the title is the four seasons of the year, which occur in succession and affect the appearance of the map, as well as driving. “At the beginning we play a championship in which the seasons change when we achieve a certain number of influence (the game progression points), but after completing this championship, the seasons are synchronized with the rest of the players and will change automatically every week.” The stations add unique challenges and objectives of drifting or searching for abandoned cars. “We thought it was a great idea, which encourages you to return to the game and organize yourself differently.”


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