“Forza Horizon 5”, cover the artist! – Release

Vroum vroum in the jungle

Swinging the player into a lush open world where big cars frolic, the new installment from Playground Games is a jubilant absurdity.

The pleasure that Forza Horizon 5 is fascinating. Because it almost comes to celebrate the capacity of resistance of a medium, in this case video games, to any form of reduction to a rationality. We shouldn’t like Power. Already because of this unbearable tone with which he addresses the player, this side “hey, champion, we throw ourselves a little Red Bull before racing on this small country road with full Offspring”.

By itself, the introductory scene of the game in which we are swung in the jungle at the wheel of a large engine from a low-level jumbo-jet constitutes an unbearable form of aberration, the COP26 barely completed. Everything in the game is excessive, garish, backfire, like this over-armored interface on which are superimposed speedometers, a GPS, the race classification, messages and gauges which fill in all directions for us congratulate on “ultimate drift” while raining experience points on us without, anyway, we pay attention to them since we are trying to drive something launched at 250 km / h on a dirt road.

A reference game for non-players

Power is nonsense. And a perfect game in its proposal. Such over the top that there is nothing real about it any more, except the incredibly photorealistic rendering of the cars and this Mexico delivered to machines drunk on fuel. In addition to setting with each new iteration new standards in ultra HD rendering, displaying an incredible depth of field, the franchise shines with its flawless gameplay, refined for years, and a rare flexibility. Capable of adapting to all profiles, offering thrills to the fierce race simulations as well as to the novice who has come to enjoy a ride in a lush jungle.

The plasticity of the creation of Playground Games is such that Power It is even becoming a reference game for non-players. More than a racing game, it is an admirable open world, capable by its sole topography of seducing the player, of taking him far from his destination by making him sparkle a village on the horizon, a sandstorm or , on the contrary, by making a waterfall emerge from a maze of plants. A reminder that if arcades are now part of the practices of the past, the stupid and instant fun provided by the games that found their place there has simply moved.

Forza Horizon 5, de Playground Games, sur Xbox.

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