fossils of terminator pigs at the Palevoprim lab at the University of Poitiers

On the occasion of the 38th Heritage Days, the paleontology laboratory of the University of Poitiers, the palévoprim lab, opens its doors to the public this weekend. The latter will be able to discover the collection of vertebrate fossils, including terminator pigs.

These are heritage days this Saturday and Sunday. In Poitou, among the visits that caught our attention, there is that of Palévoprim, the paleontology laboratory of the University of Poitiers. Located in building 35 of the campus, the lab houses a molding and preparation workshop as well as two collection rooms which will be open to the public all weekend. The opportunity for everyone to discover rare fossils like, for example, this terminator pig skull presented to us by Franck Guy, CNRS researcher and paleoanthropologist. The deputy director of the lab then points out to us a huge skull found on an excavation site in New Aquitaine. Observation of his teeth showed that this specimen had a carnivorous diet

“Imagine a pig the size of a small hippo and able to eat animals, it didn’t take more for Americans to nickname it the terminator pig or hell pig.”

In this collection room of vertebrate fossils, we will also find saber-toothed felines from the lab has a juvenile specimen jawbone.

“It shows a baby tooth pushed by the final tooth. And it’s quite rare.”

Finally, in the room, human fossils: all kinds of skulls ranging from Toumaï, the oldest ancestor of the seven-million-year-old man whose skull was unearthed in Chad by a team from the University of Poitiers led by Professor Brunet in 2001 to homo sapiens by the way by Black skull.

Covid requires, the number of visitors is reduced and visits must be made by reservation. For this weekend of heritage days, it’s full but the lab will be again open to the public on the occasion of the Science festival on October 7 and 8 next.

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