Foulayronnes. “The parking lot in Maryland is not a dumping ground”

While students from the professional high school Jean-Monnet, take part this Friday, September 24, in the operation Nettoyons la nature, organized by Édouard Leclerc (cf. edition of 23-09), the managers of Maryland, Dominique and Jean-Michel Chabert ; Alexandre Sozedde, from Ickishusi; Xavier Truchetet, Fleuryland, invite the users of the parking lot “to respect the place. We built the parking lot almost a year ago. It is not to turn it into a dumping ground. We want to keep a good neighborhood”, s exclaims Jean-Michel Chambert.

Call for citizenship

The three traders also ask to respect their neighbor Michel Bourgeois. The latter cracked a humorous humor ticket titled Oh Maryland. With a little play on words: “The parking lot of Maryland in pass (to refer to the sanitary pass) to become the dumping ground of the municipality. Certainly, there are the leaves of the trees which tumble, it is the season which From north to south, from west to east, come and tell, count, pick up (without any premium) papers, plastics, cans, masks, very fashionable at the moment! “He launches, questioningly:” But where are the trash cans? “concluding with ironic humor” Ah, but people are free to use them or not.

For the manager of Maryland: “Players and smokers will not be respected if they continue. In the parking lot we find a bit of everything, scratch cards, cigarettes, pockets of McDonald’s. Some take advantage, even , to empty their ashtrays. “It’s not because of the lack of trash cans:” We have three trash cans in Maryland and three large ones, near Mr. Bourgeois’ house. Oddly enough, this is where the ‘we find the most rubbish outside the trash cans, “he remarks, in conclusion, with the hope that the three traders will be heard by this indelicate clientele.

Garage sales of Karito-Senegal at Flottis

The association, Karito-Senegal, chaired by Marie-Claude Authier, had decided to organize a garage sale on Sunday, September 19, on the Gravier esplanade in Agen. The incessant rains got the better of this meeting. Potential buyers will be able to come, this Sunday, September 26, to the Flottis site, where Karito-Senegal has decided to return, from 8 am to 6 pm, to organize a garage sale. Reservation at 06 16 70 49 70. Exhibitors must provide a copy of their identity document.

Children’s Forum

The sixth edition of the Children’s Forum is scheduled for Saturday, September 25, from 3 p.m., on the Flottis site. About twenty stands will be present. At 4:30 p.m., a 100% local snack will be offered by the municipality. At 5.30 p.m. Guillaume Parma, will perform for free.

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