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After sharing images of fingertip oxygen monitors clamped onto other objects, such as pens, teddy bears, it turned out that the oxygen levels were higher. causing many people to observe that The machine that is sold at a cheap price is quality or not. Today, the news team surveyed fingertip oxygen monitors at drugstores and found that almost all stores were missing the market.

Today, July 26, 2021, the PPTV news team visits the pharmacy and medical supplies area in Wang Lang area, next to Siriraj Hospital. It turns out that every store said in the same voice that Now, all the medical supplies related to taking care of yourself during the covid epidemic are in short supply, whether it’s phlox paniculata, white ginger herb. oxygen machine including a fingertip oxygen monitor

The price of the fingertip oxygen monitor is sold at 900-1800 baht, depending on the brand.

FDA points fingertip oxygen monitor It does not indicate that it is infected with COVID-19.

22 people at Rajapipat Hospital sleep in the parking lot.

which is the price that has been sold since the pre-Covid period Most of the stores will have a product warranty. And try to teach how to use it before using the device for real But when we explore the prices that are currently sold online. Some shops sell only less than a hundred baht. or just over two hundred baht Most pharmacies recommend that if you buy a home oxygen meter, you should invest in a pharmacy. because most of the machines are standard will get a very accurate test result. And in the past, some customers have bought from the internet at cheap prices. But in the end, it can’t be measured. Had to come back and buy a new one at the pharmacy instead.

While in the online world now, many people have shared a video clip experimenting with a blood oxygen monitor clamped on another object, such as a pen, and it turns out that the oxygen value came up similar to the measurement of a person’s finger. The news team inquired to Assoc. Prof. Weerachai Phutthawong or Ajarn Od, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. Kasetsart University professor explains that the working principle of this machine is to shoot a beam of light from one side to the receiver on the other side. Then the machine will take the light value to process in the microchip again and translate the value out. The price of the machine will be expensive or not depends on the receiver device. The more expensive it is, the more accurate it is. The clips that are shared online It is possible that the object being clamped It may be small or not opaque enough to show. causing the light to be sent to the receiver So the machine can read the oxygen around it. Or it may be that the machine is not really standard.

Covid is overflowing. Rama Hospital temporarily closes the ER emergency department for 9 hours.

Ajarn Od also recommends that if you buy a fingertip oxygen monitor, it should be Choose from standard drugstores. This will result in a machine that reads the oxygen quality. and has a warranty

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