‘Found’ student ‘who called Mukesh, my unborn relative’; Shafi with note | Shafi Parambil

Palakkad: After the phone controversy of M Mukesh MLA, the CPM cyber fighters campaigned that Palakkad MLA Shafi Parampil was behind everything. When the truth finally came out, all the arguments were like a line drawn in water. With this, Shafi came on the scene with a reply.

His response was in a post shared on social media. Shafi said it would be better for the chief minister to order the party to close down the CPM’s fake factories and at least the poor CPM workers who believe this to be true should not be deceived.

Read Shafi’s post:

Had it not been for the fact that the phone call was made by Vishnu, the son of Narayanathan, a CITU student from Ottapalam, my cousin Basit and I, who have not yet been born, would still be subject to cyber lynching. Look at how quickly the planned lies spread by the CPM factories that make fake bombs are spreading into the community.

Those who know and propagate that it is a lie, those who believe and propagate it as if it is true, and those who call to find out if it is true. The Chief Minister’s statement to make Kerala an investment friendly state will have all the support.

But it would be better for the party to order the closure of the ‘post-truth’ CPM lie factories. At least the poor CPM activists who believe all this to be true will not be deceived.

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English Summary: Mukesh Phone Call Controversy: FB Post of Shafi Parambil


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