foundations ask for more transparency on the allocation of donations

After ” the exchange punchy with Roselyne Bachelot », According to its president, Brigitte Kuster, the information mission of the National Assembly on the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris is continuing its work.

On Wednesday, December 9, she received the heads of two foundations that collected donations to question them about the disagreement between parliamentarians and the Minister of Culture about the allocation of part of the donations to the operation of the public establishment. .

During her hearing, the Minister of Culture considered that the financing by donations of the operating costs of the public establishment – up to the amount ” modest “Of 5.9 million euros -” is justified by its close links with the successful completion of work on a site of unprecedented scale ».

“Annoying symbol”

According to Brigitte Kuster, LR deputy for Paris, the law of July 29, 2019 stipulates that ” never »The funds collected by the subscription cannot be used to finance the rent and the salaries of the public establishment, as the report of the Court of Auditors made public in September pointed out.

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While noting that ” the law cannot be retroactive on donations granted before its adoption “, Célia Vérot, Executive Director of the Heritage Foundation, estimated that” fund through donations the rent of the public establishment is not good practice and is an unfortunate symbol. The Ministry of Culture has also undertaken to cover this rent. »

That said, Bertrand de Feydeau, vice-president of the Heritage Foundation, estimated that “ project management and project management can be part of the cost of the restoration, as is customary. But project management is not to be confused with all the expenses incurred by the public establishment, such as those devoted to communication, sponsorship, as well as those relating to the work around the cathedral. In short, donations should only go to the conservation and restoration site.

It is in this capacity that the Heritage Foundation and the Notre-Dame Foundation have paid 44.9 and 67.8 million euros respectively to the Ministry of Culture.

“The state is not used to this… »

Christophe-Charles Rousselot, General Delegate of the Heritage Foundation recalled that donations continue to flow, a year and a half after the fire (100,000 € were collected in November), but he regretted the lack of information on the allocation of this money by the public establishment.

« The Notre-Dame Foundation is not a counter for the state, he stressed. The law obliges us to traceability of funds. Patrons aren’t up to the scaffolding bar, but they don’t settle for a two-page report on the jobsite. But the state is not used to cela… »

While welcoming the state of progress of the site, Bertrand de Feydeau deplored not having a budget, even approximate, for the work which would make it possible to follow the budgetary evolution of the work. ” We are not part of the board of directors of the public establishment, it is perhaps regrettable … Our relations are cordial. However, they are insufficient. »


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