Four dates later, Venezuela added its first points in the Qualifiers

The vinotinto team won 2-1 against Chile. Discontent with Reinaldo Rueda’s project in the southern country is still latent. See here the goals.

Venezuela ended the thirst-quenching goal drought on Tuesday to defeat Chile 2-1 with a decisive score by Salomón Rondón and celebrate its first victory in the South American qualifier for the Qatar-2022 World Cup.

Rondón appeared in the 82nd minute to decide the match at the Olympic State of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), in Caracas, by pushing a Yeferson Soteldo center into the net. Thus he extended his own record as the top gunner of the Vinotinto, reaching 31 targets.

A header from Luis Mago in the 9th had given the locals an advantage and Arturo Vidal had tied in the 15th taking advantage of a rebound.

The new coach of Venezuela, the Portuguese José Peseiro, takes a breath after defeats in the World Cup against Colombia (3-0), Paraguay (0-1) and Brazil (1-0) in the first three presentations of the team under his direction.

– Goodbye, drought –

Venezuela came from raising an ultra-defensive match against Brazil last Friday, in which it ended up giving in. Things were very different this time: the wingers Darwin Machís and Jefferson Savarino were pungent and Yangel Herrera, who returned to the starting eleven after serving suspension, arrived in danger to the Chile area unfolding from the first line of steering wheels.

Mago’s quick target, which left the Peseiro team drought in 279 minutes, helped build confidence. It came for one of the weapons that, in the midst of the lack of punch, the Portuguese coach was trying to exploit: the set pieces.

Herrera headed a ball after a free kick served by Machís and Mago, in the small area, gave a new header that broke the zero.

The Venezuelan smile did not last long, because just six minutes later, a triangulation between Mauricio Isla and Alexis Sánchez ended with a low center of the side looking for Felipe Mora. Mora did not arrive, but the clearance of central Yordan Osorio was raffled and Vidal shot.

Vidal, who on Friday scored a double in Chile’s 2-0 win over Peru in the Clásico del Pacífico, scored 16 goals in South American qualifiers. He equaled his teammate Sánchez in the list of top scorers for La Roja in these instances, only behind the unforgettable Marcelo Salas, with 18, and Iván Zamorano, with 17.

Far from being discouraged by losing the fleeting advantage, the hosts continued to insist.

Machís, with a hand in hand that Claudio Bravo knew how to solve in the 20th after a sensational line-breaking pass from Savarino, re-emerged and repeated dangerous occasions with a long shot in the 31st and a deflected header in the 35th.

Another great opportunity had Venezuela in 39 at the feet of Rondón. The battering ram of the Chinese Dalian Pro sent the ball sky high.

– Hello, hope –

Chile improved after the break.

About the hour, Colombian Reinaldo Rueda’s team had tilted the court with the push of the SUVs Vidal and Erick Pulgar, getting Venezuela into trouble.

However, after showing that it could be offensive, Vinotinto defended as it had done against Brazil.

And when Chile seemed at a better time, Rondón put the closure to the clash.

It was a good return from Vinotinto to Olimpico in qualifying for the World Cup. The last pre-global match of the llanero team in that scenario dated from September 9, 2003, when they lost 3-0 with Argentina.

The question is whether Venezuela’s reaction arrives on time, since no team that has lost its first three matches has won World Cup spots for Conmebol.

The tie will resume in March. Venezuela, with three points, will face Ecuador and Peru and Chile, with four, will do the same against Paraguay and Ecuador.

This is how the qualifier to Qatar 2022 goes

Results fourth date:

Ecuador 6 (R. Arboleda, 5 ′; A, Mena, 8 ′; M. Estrada, 31 ′; X. Arreaga, 38 ′; G. Plata, 78 ′ and P. Estupiñán, 91 ′) vs. Colombia 1 (J. Rodríguez, 45 ′)

Venezuela 2 (L. Del Pino, 9 ′ and S. Rondón, 81 ′) vs. Chile 1 (A. Vidal, 15 ′)

Uruguay 0 vs. Brazil 2 (Arthur, 34 ′ and Richarlison, 45 ′)

Paraguay 2 (Á. Romero, 14 ′ and Kaku, 72 ′) vs. Bolivia 2 (M. Moreno, 41 ′ and B. Céspedes, 45 ′)

Peru 0 vs. Argentina 2 (N. González, 11 ′ and L. Martínez, 17 ′)

PTS positions.

1. Brazil 12

2. Argentina 10

3. Ecuador 9

4. Paraguay 6

5. Uruguay 6

6. Chile 4

7. Colombia 4

8. Venezuela 3

9. Peru 1

10. Bolivia 1

Next date, March 25, 2021

Colombia vs. Brazil

Argentina vs. Uruguay

Bolivia vs. Peru

Chile vs. Paraguay

Venezuela vs. Ecuador


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