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Four essential books by George R.R. Martin before creating 'Game of Thrones'


George R.R. Martin,known worldwide for thesaga 'A song of ice and fire',on which the successful television series 'Game of Thrones' is based, turns 71 this Friday. The American writer and screenwriter is currently immersed in the penultimate writing of the two books he has left to conclude 'A song of ice and fire': 'Winds of winter' and 'Dreams of spring'.

Martin recently announced that he hopes to have 'Winter Winds' finished before the start of the World Science Fiction Convention to be held in New Zealand in July 2020. Later he will be set to 'Spring Dreams', the book that will be put to point and final about 25 years ofthe acclaimed fantastic-epic saga'Song of ice and fire'.

In any case, for fans of the American writer and screenwriter of fantasy literature, science fiction and terror, not everything ends withtitles of the saga that has inspired 'Game of Thrones'.And it is that George Raymond Richard Martin is the author of other interesting novels that will be able to make fans enjoy a considerate writer with J.R.R. Tolkien as the most relevant in the history of fantastic literature.

'Death of the light' and 'Dream of the Fevre'

Death of the Light (1977)

The second novel written by George R.R. Martin after 'A song for Lya' brought the American writer to fame and allowed him to devote himself exclusively to literature. The work tells us what happens inWorlorn, a wandering planetwhich is about to come to an end and a man named Dirk T'Larien comes to fulfill an ancient promise of love made to his beloved Gwen Delvano.

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Dream of the Fevre (1982)

This is a vampire novel that has as its settinga ship that runs along the Mississipi Riverduring the nineteenth century and whose protagonists are an eccentric aristocrat (Joshua York) and a ship captain (Abner Marsh).

'Tuf's travels' and 'Night nomads'

Tuf's Travels (1986)

This novel of ecological dyes is a compilation of short stories that tell the story of Haviland Tuf, a merchant by profession who loves cats because of the fate of fate.A spaceship, The Ark, with which it solves environmental problems on several planets.

Night Nomads (1985)

This story mix of science fiction and terror, which some compare with '2001: an odyssey in space' and with 'Alien: the eighth passenger', is led by a team of scientists who are sent to space tostudy an unknown alien race. For this they travel in the Nightflyers ship, in which mysterious events begin to happen.

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