Four men and a woman to be executed before Donald Trump’s term ends

Executions planned before the end of Trump’s term

Despite Donald Trump’s defeat, his administration will enforce death sentences in federal prisons across the country. Four men and one women should thus be executed before the end of the presidential term.

The vast majority of executions fall under state jurisdiction. They are still 28 (out of 50) to maintain the death penalty in their legislation. In total, while 2,591 convicts are awaiting their turn on death row, “only” seven of them have been executed this year: three in Texas, one in Alabama, one in Georgia, one in Missouri and another in Tennessee. However, the federal court, under the supervision of the Minister of Justice, can also pronounce a death sentence. He hadn’t done it for 17 years … until Donald Trump arrived in the White House. His administration carried out 8 executions this year, more than in the rest of the country.

Five planned executions

Joe Biden’s coming to power is expected to coincide with a halt in federal executions. The new president of the United States should also encourage states to do the same. However, before handing over, the Federal Ministry of Justice fully intends to finish the “job”. Five death sentences are thus planned, including two less than a week before the swearing-in of Joe Biden. Until Donald Trump, the tradition was that executions were suspended during the transition period. This had not happened since 1885.

First woman in 67 years

Although nearly as many white (22) and black (24) inmates on death row in federal prisons, four in five impending executions are of African Americans. The fifth convict is a white woman. The federal government has only passed the death penalty on a white woman three times in its history. The last dates back to 1953.

Crime atrocious

Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to death in 2008 for killing a pregnant woman and snatching her baby from her.

In 2004, Lisa Montgomery confided to her relatives that she was pregnant, after having undergone a sterilization procedure a few years before. In December, she contacted Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a 23-year-old 8-month-old pregnant woman, claiming to want to buy a puppy from a litter that the latter had announced on social networks. Lisa Montgomery, 36 at the material time, had visited her home in northwest Missouri, before strangling her to death and taking her baby away. She then went home and tried to pass off this child as her own.

According to her lawyers, she suffers from “serious mental disorders” caused by the violence suffered when she was a child.

Alfred Bourgeois and Cory Johnson

Alfred Bourgeois (56) was sentenced to death for torturing and murdering his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and Cory Johnson (52) for seven drug-related murders.

Brandon Bernard

Brandon Bernard (40) was sentenced to death for participating in a robbery in which two people were killed. One of them lost his life in atrocious circumstances, locked in the trunk of a car which Brandon Bernard had set fire to. This judgment is controversial, because it is an accomplice of Brandon who is said to have shot the two victims. The convict then claimed that he was convinced that they were dead before setting the vehicle on fire.

Dustin Higgs

The case of the last convict, Dustin Higgs, 48, further fuels the debate. He was convicted of having ordered three murders but this charge is based mainly on the testimony of a single other accused. The executor was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In his argument against the death penalty, Joe Biden insists on the risk of definitively convicting an innocent person. A tragic fate that 172 American prisoners have known since 1973. More than half of those condemned to death, finally exonerated posthumously, were African-Americans …

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