Four out of ten Dutch people: Grapperhaus no longer credible | Inland

Last weekend Grapperhaus got married. The corona rules were violated. Guests did not always keep enough distance, as can be seen in photos. Grapperhaus said on Friday that he believes he can still act credibly as the boss of the Ministry of Justice and Security, which ensures that corona rules are complied with. He said that “The Netherlands was able to see that I really did my best to comply with the rules at my own wedding.” He is sorry that it did not work out completely.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday afternoon that the credibility of the Justice Minister is not in question. For Rutte it is important that credibility is also related to “facing up when something is not going well. And he does. ” Grapperhaus has now transferred 780 euros to the Red Cross, twice the amount of the fine that people can receive if they do not keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

PVV climbs further up

According to De Hond, Sunday’s poll is further confirmation of the pattern of recent weeks. The VVD is weakening further and the PVV is getting stronger. The VVD is now in the poll at 31 seats, one less than last week, and the PVV at 23, a gain of two seats. D66 has also gained two more than last week and now has fourteen seats. The CDA has dropped three seats in five weeks, from seventeen to fourteen.

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