Four people died in a tragic road accident on the San Alberto road

AConfused and still without understanding what happened, Leidy Karina Castellanos Bautista was found yesterday morning after the bus in which she was traveling to Bucaramanga ended at the bottom of an abyss. Four people lost their lives.

It happened on the San Alberto road, in the sector known as the Cuesta del Diablo, when the inter-municipal transport bus assigned to the Berlinas company covered the San Marta – Bucaramanga route. There were approximately two hours until the 22 passengers, including two minors, and the two drivers reached their final destination safely; However, life played a trick on them. For reasons that have yet to be established, at 4:30 in the morning, the vehicle went off the road and rolled for almost 100 meters. It was totally destroyed and several of its occupants were miraculously saved. Unfortunately, two women, a man and a 2-year-old girl died at the scene.

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The tragedy

The early morning of November 21 will remain forever in the mind of Leidy Karina Castellanos Bautista. The tragedy that he lived passed in a matter of seconds. The wounds on his body are insignificant compared to the pain in his soul right now. She was an eyewitness to a tragic road accident. She resides in the Santander capital where she was going after enjoying a ‘well-deserved vacation’ on the beach with her mother. He never imagined that everything would end up as a nightmare back.

“At that time most of the people were sleeping. I wouldn’t know how to describe how things happened. When we woke up everything was in chaos, screams were heard. And the bus managed to make about three more turns. Terrible faith, ”the passenger commented with her broken voice. She thanked because in the midst of everything, she and her mother are alive.

He continued his narration by saying that once the bus stopped, at the end of the abyss, everyone looked for the exit, but everything was blocked and the only thing they could do was go out through the panoramic view. “As we could, we went out and stood around the bus to wait for them to come and help us. The first thing I thought of was my mom, getting her out alive. We don’t know what happened ”.

Little by little the authorities arrived to rescue the wounded. Some were referred to the Hospital de La Esperanza and the rest to San Alberto, there was only one person unharmed, one of the drivers. Santander Police and Civil Defense coordinated the rescue.


2 minors are among the injured


The authorities are carrying out investigations to clarify the causes of this road accident.


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