Four police officers killed to free the leader of a mara accused of five murders

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Four military policemen died and another was seriously injured on Thursday during a shooting in a Honduran court in which about twenty armed men stormed to free a leader from the
Mara Salvatrucha
 (MS13) charged with five murder crimes.

The incident occurred in the court of the city of El Progreso, northern department of Yoro, minutes after starting the trial against Alexander Mendoza, alias “El Porky”, who was taken out of court by a score of gang members, according to a preliminary report of The Honduran Police.

The aggressors shot at the court’s premises to later enter and execute four agents of the Military Police of Public Order who guarded Mendoza. Another was seriously injured during the shooting. The President of the Government of Honduras has offered about $ 81,000 to anyone who offers a clue to locate and arrest him

Other agents who were in the courthouse building, according to local media versions, tried to repel the attack of the aggressors, who were traveling in four vans in which they fled with the gang leader. One of the gang members was killed by the agents in one of the vehicles.

Suspected of killing two prosecutors
Mendoza, who was arrested in December 2015, is charged with five murder crimes and is also charged with his alleged involvement in the murder of two prosecutors in October 2014. “El Porky” was sentenced in December 2018 to 20 years of imprisonment for money laundering and illegal association.

The Ministry of Security of Honduras said in a statement that the Order Forces coordinate efforts to “achieve the recapture of this criminal danger that in its escape plan killed the lives of valuable police and military officials.”

The Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, condemned the violent act and increased to two million lempiras (a little more than $ 81,000) the reward he offered hours before the Secretary of Security to whom he provides “forceful information” to capture the gang member.

“We are not going to rest until recapturing this individual and his companions and putting them to the order of justice, there is an articulation at this time and a strong operation.” .


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