Four rockets hit Baghdad’s Green Zone

Security forces on October 31, 2020 at the Joumhouriya Bridge, which leads to the government areas of the Green Zone (symbol picture)
Image: dpa

The government district and embassies of the United States and other countries are located in the zone. The attack came after America announced that it would withdraw more troops from the country by January.

ISeveral rockets fell in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Tuesday evening. According to the Iraqi security forces, a child was killed and at least five people were injured. Four Katyusha rockets had hit the so-called Green Zone, the Iraqi security forces’ media department reported on Twitter. This is where the highly secured government district and the embassies of the United States and other countries are located. The rockets were fired from the southeast of the capital. There was no information about possible victims. At first no one confessed to the attack.

There have been repeated rocket attacks near the Green Zone and at Baghdad airport in recent months. Most of the time, local militias are behind it, some of which are supported by neighboring Iran. The attacks were also directed against Iraqi military bases used by American troops. The Shiite militias allied with Iran are demanding the withdrawal of American soldiers.

The rocket attacks followed shortly after the American President Donald Trump decided on Tuesday to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States currently has around 3,000 soldiers in Iraq, but the number of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan should be reduced to 2,500 each by January 15, said Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien also said President Donald Trump hopes that all remaining soldiers from both states will be brought home by May 2021. In the United States, Trump’s actions met with criticism.


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