Four Venezuelans who went to Chile died in a bus accident in Bolivia

Bolivian police reported Monday that four Venezuelans were killed and 12 others injured after the small bus they were traveling in collided with a trailer early Monday on a highway in southwestern Bolivia.

The group of Venezuelans had as their final destination the neighboring country of Chile, the director of the Traffic Police, Raúl Rodríguez Chacón, informed the media on Monday.

The bus left the highland region of Oruro bound for the town of Pisiga, on the Chilean border, he added.

The authority explained that the following died: Yinaldel Valle Blanco, 28; Discory Cristina Bermúdez García, 26; Lourdes Socorro Flores Márquez, 45, and a 38-year-old male they did not identify. “All of Venezuelan nationality,” said Rodríguez Chacón.

Another 12 Venezuelans were injured and taken to the nearest hospitals.

Police determined in their preliminary report that there was speeding. Meanwhile, press reports from local media reported that the small bus was under the trailer.

Bolivian migration authorities reported last year that in the last three months more than 2,500 Venezuelans have passed through Bolivia on their way to Chile in search of better opportunities.

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