Four years in prison required against Berlusconi for witness tampering

Silvio Berlusconi – Antonio Calanni / AP / SIPA

The Cavaliere again appeared before the courts. The prosecutor’s office in Siena, in Tuscany, demanded this Thursday four years and two months in prison against
former Italian government chief Silvio Berlusconi charged with witness tampering, media reports said.

This trial, called Ruby-ter, is the umpteenth part of the “Rubygate” scandal and the famous “bunga-bunga” evenings that Silvio Berlusconi, 83, organized with prostitutes in his luxurious villa near Milan (north).

Accused of paying a pianist for false testimony

Under Italian law, the court in the city where the first installment to purchase favorable testimony was made becomes the court responsible for hearing the case, in this case that of Siena. But Silvio Berlusconi is being prosecuted for similar facts also in Milan, Rome or Turin.

In the case of Siena, he is accused of having paid a pianist from that city, Danilo Mariani, for the latter to give false testimony concerning the “bunga-bunga” evenings in which he participated as a musician. The prosecution took four years and six months against Danilo Mariani.

Three “Ruby” trials

The first Ruby trial, better known as “Rubygate”, named after the young Moroccan Karima El-Mahroug, known as Ruby, and “bunga-bunga” evenings, won Silvio Berlusconi a conviction at first instance, in June 2013, to seven years in prison for prostitution of minors and abuse of power. The media mogul was however definitively acquitted in March 2015 by the Court of Cassation in this section.

The Ruby-bis trial concerns two relatives of Silvio Berlusconi accused of providing him with young prostitutes for his parties, sentenced on appeal to 4 years and 7 months in prison for one and to 2 years and 10 months for the other.

The Ruby-ter trial relates generally to the payments made by Silvio Berlusconi to various people, young women and musicians who attended his evenings, in exchange for their silence.

Rubygate: 33 participants in the “bunga-bunga” evenings of Berlusconi

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