Fourth night of protests in Albania

Albania has experienced a fourth night of demonstrations marked by looting in Tirana, the capital, and violence between protesters and the police.

The police, deployed in large numbers, dispersed the crowd with tear gas and water cannons. Several people were arrested.

Earlier Saturday, in the northern town of Shkodra, demonstrators looted the offices of the ruling Socialist Party in Albania. A policeman was injured.

These protest movements follow on from the death, last Tuesday, of a young man shot dead by the police during the curfew introduced to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Klodjan Rasha was 25 years old. The versions on the circumstances of this drama differ. The policeman, the alleged perpetrator of the fatal shot, was arrested. He is under investigation.

From the first rallies, the demonstrators demanded the departure of the Minister of the Interior who ended up resigning Thursday.


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