FPÖ devil: Corona compensation creates the necessary justice

FPÖ NÖ welcomes the interest of the Court of Auditors – correct implementation is a matter of course

St. Polten (OTS) “The repayment of unconstitutional corona penalties is only fair and should be a matter of course. A correct design of the Corona fund is just as natural. We are pleased about the great interest shown by the Court of Auditors and the broad public discourse. The damage caused by the Corona policy, the restrictions on freedom and school closures must be ruthlessly worked up and made good. This is the path that we, the Liberals, have negotiated for Lower Austria and are now putting into practice,” said the FPÖ club chairman in the Lower Austrian state parliament, Ing. Mag. Reinhard Teufel, on the current statements by the President of the Court of Auditors, Kraker.

“While the other parties have all been working against their own people for years, the FPÖ works for their own people and ensures justice. The attempts to badmouth the reparations from the outside are particularly bizarre. You can do that, but you don’t have to,” says Teufel. “Whether President Kraker thinks that’s a good thing or not is her personal opinion and therefore just as irrelevant for the implementation as it is for the important work of the Court of Auditors, which has to be carried out independently and objectively. We will ensure the necessary transparency,” said Teufel.

The FPÖ club chairman sees the “Lower Austrian way of constructiveness and justice”, which the FPÖ has put on track, as a model for other federal states and ultimately also for all of Austria. “Politicians owe that to the victims of the completely misguided corona policy. Reappraisal, reparation and justice are the order of the day!” says Teufel.

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