Fragmentation Fears: The Impact of Germany’s Dominance on the EU Auto Industry

2023-09-27 01:00:05
[Headlines Talk Part 2]The EU eats the fruits of fragmentation? Germany is choking the EU & France for bad cars? If it cannot win, China will impose sanctions! If German cars are implicated, they may face retaliation! @HeadlinesTalk 20230926 Headlines Talk[Headlines Talk]Australia announces Japanese scallops Death penalty! Go back to Beijing to talk about lifting the ban on wine! The Chinese market is irreplaceable! Countdown to the destruction of Hokkaido fisheries! @HeadlinesTalk 20230925 Zhongtian TV[Experts come to give a lecture]Japan’s “nuclear sewage discharge into the sea” Kishida is determined to “fight to the end”! Xi Jinping’s counterattack was successful with “full confidence”! The China-Laos Railway has become the “Durian Road”! Lai Yueqian: Thailand regrets it! 20230926@HeadlinesTalk Headlines Talk[Experts will give the talk]China will no longer be eaten to death! APEC hidden variables: “Xi Jinping has the final say”? Biden “spreading his hands” and other news? Guo Zhengliang: If the conflict between China and the United States “is to be eased”, this face “must be given”! 20230926@HeadlinesTalk Headlines Talk[Headlines Talk]Durian railway appears in China! Help expand diplomatic wonders! China eats 90% of exported durians! Thailand becomes an iron man! Malaysian India asks the Chinese market to digest palm! Japanese fishermen’s eyes are red! @ HeadlinesTalk 20230926 Headlines TalkGo to Google News for the full story
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