France 2 shoots “Captains Pennac”, with a father and daughter duo on screen as in life

Christian Rauth — BALTEL / SIPA

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  • France 2 announces the start of filming in Montpellier of “Capitaines Pennac”.
  • This detective fiction, against a backdrop of comedy, tells how a police captain will have to collaborate with her father, a former police officer, with whom she is angry.
  • It is Christian Rauth and Julie-Anne Roth, father and daughter on screen as in life, who play the two main characters of this two-episode fiction.

The Hérault, land of series. After Tomorrow belongs to us,
Such a great sun,Tandem or Candice Renoir,
France 2 announces that the shooting of a new fiction begins this Wednesday in Montpellier: Captains Pennac. It will be boxed until December 18. The broadcast date has not yet been released.

Produced by Toma de Matteis, who had launched Such a great sun in 2018, this 52-minute two-episode detective story recounts the misadventures of retired police captain Hannibal Pennac and his daughter Annabelle, also a police captain, who has just been transferred to Montpellier, where his father made a career.

Angry, father and daughter will have to investigate together

A mysterious case will force them to investigate together: a man, who had been convicted, wrongly it seems, for the murder of his wife, accuses Father Pennac of having rigged his investigations to send him behind bars .

Problem: his daughter refuses to speak to him because she accuses him of having abandoned her when she was six years old. But she no longer has a choice: she must collaborate with her father, to avoid him going to prison. Their rework promises to be cold.

Julie-Anne Roth and Christian Rauth, father and daughter in life

Against a background of a police investigation, France 2 promises “tasty nuggets of comedy”. It is the actress Julie-Anne Roth who plays the main female role. Christian Rauth, well known to television viewers, embodies his father. He played one of the “mules” of Navarro, before interpreting the mayor, in the successful series Father and mayor. And what’s particularly tasty is that these two are really father and daughter. They had already met, in 2013, on the set of an episode of Joséphine Guardian Angel.

Julie-Anne Roth – DAVID NIVIERE / SIPA

In recent years, Occitanie has attracted many television series. “So many series on such a small perimeter, this has never been seen, nowhere in France”, confided, on November 16, to 20 Minutes, Maxime Beaufey, in charge of hosting the shoots at Occitanie Films. The region is now the second in France where the number of shooting days is the most important, after Paris: 2,399 in 2019, ie a boom of 41.5% compared to 2018. This increase is mainly linked to series Such a great sun and Tomorrow belongs to us, which alone represented more than half of the shooting days.

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