France: a wedding procession turns into a road chaos

The police drew up … 51 reports.

is a rather rare phenomenon in Armentières, but it does happen …
», Confides one of the pillars of the local police station to our colleagues from The voice of the North. As for the number of tickets issued, we reached all the same on Saturday a sad record in the city of the Web : 51 minutes for the same procession of eventful marriage. More than in Valenciennes the previous week with about thirty plums during the same event, or another wild party in June 2019 in Roubaix with 49 PV.

In the rue Jules-Lebleu, one of the arteries of the city on the route of unconscious motorists on Saturday, a local woman testifies. “I was just afraid that they would wake up my little girl who was taking her nap with their firecrackers, she remembers, but I said to myself that it was a wedding like there are sometimes in town, with passengers. out of the cabin, sitting on the edge of the door window… ”It was more than that this Saturday.

Inconvenient parking, but not only …

Fortunately, everything will end without victims, except for a lady who got scared and who fell, without being injured, on the roadway around 1 p.m., avenue Marc-Sangnier, following the dangerous driving of one of the motorists.

The police alerted, a patrol then went to the site and found that a dozen vehicles were parked inconvenient: in double file on the road, or then completely on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to bypass the improvised parking lot by passing on the road. traffic way. The group of cars also blocks several Ilévia buses and therefore the users of this line. The agents issue a fine to the owners of vehicles who, after repeated injunctions, do not accept move after twenty minutes.

In the wrong direction and grilled fires

All the vehicles then set off and went to rue Jules-Lebleu. During this journey through the city center, motorists commit several new offenses, driving at high speed, sometimes in the wrong direction, or even running red lights! The road chaos continues with smoke and firecracker jets, and also an unlicensed cross-country bike circulating in Brisk pace on the road then on the sidewalk.

About a quarter of an hour later, the same vehicles are heading towards the town hall of Armentières, with new traffic violations.

In total, the police will issue twelve parking lots on the road, ten on the sidewalk, two in a place for the disabled, eight red lights crossed, thirteen reverse traffic, two excessive and dangerous speeds, but also four passengers without seat belts in a car. !


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