“France can quickly lose control of coronavirus” NOW

France may lose control of the coronavirus in the short term, as the number of infections is increasing rapidly according to official figures. The French scientific council, which advises the government, warns that new measures are needed.

“The future of the pandemic is largely in the hands of the citizens,” said the advice. Because people keep less distance to each other and other measures are less complied with, the virus can circulate more actively.

In the advice to the government, the scientific council warns that a second wave of the coronavirus may break out this fall or winter. In the past week, the number of people in an intensive care unit in France increased by 13 to 384.

The council advises the French government to quickly come up with new prevention plans, particularly aimed at limiting the spread around the larger cities. “Otherwise we can quickly move to a less controlled scenario as is currently happening in Spain,” the advisers continue.

The authorities should give more priority to slowing down the spread, for example by testing more and isolating people. There should also be more testing options. In addition, a fourteen-day home quarantine or a negative corona test should be made mandatory for travelers from risk countries.

France was one of the first European countries with a strict lockdown in March. At present, 228,574 corona infections have been reported, at least 30,297 people died as a result of the virus.


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