France: Emmanuel Macron wants to fight Islamist tendencies with a new Imam Council

After the recent attacks in Nice and near Paris should France on the initiative of the President Emmanuel Macron get advice from the imams. At a meeting with Macron on Wednesday evening, Muslim representatives agreed to set up such a body, the head of state’s office announced. It is supposed to supervise the training of French imams. With this, Macron wants to counteract Islamist tendencies.

At the meeting with representatives of the Islamic Council, Conseil français du culte musulman (CFCM) and nine affiliated associations, Macron also demanded the adoption of a “Charter of Republican Values” within two weeks. This should make it clear that Islam in France is a religion and not a political movement.

“Anti-coup regulation” against foreign imams in progress

In addition, according to Macron’s will, the influence of states like the Turkey and Saudi Arabia to be reduced to religious teaching in France. These countries as well as Maghreb countries like Tunisia and Morocco send – similar to also to Germany – own imams to France and transfer millions of sums to the communities every year. Macron had already announced the so-called anti-coup regulation in October.

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