France: first try for the Blues, the match live

SCOTLAND – FRANCE. Score, trials and penalties live, result, summary … Live the rugby match between the XV of France and the XV of Chardon counting for the Autumn Nations Cup.

17:56 – Ramos’ first failure

Thomas Ramos felt he was typing despite the low percentage chance of success. The ball was in midfield, in front of the posts. After 77 minutes of play in the legs, the French did not have the strength to find the length. It’s still 15-22 for France.

17:54 – What a French defense!

Scotland had finally approached the French in-goal. A touch of 5 meters for Scotland raised fears of hot action to come. But it was quickly stifled by a very good French defense who took advantage of an average touch to tackle the receiver. The attack is repulsed and the ball changes sides! It’s well done!

17:48 – The pace drops

The game is very choppy since the French test. The two teams make several mistakes, a lot of kicking, changes on both sides … in short, few opportunities to bite. The Scots are showing very little danger and have not approached the French 22 meters for a long time.

17:39 – 3 new points for the Blues

Thomas Ramos continues his faultless. Scotland are penalized, which benefits the French striker. Thomas Ramos is precise. His ball touches the Scottish right post but it passes! France is now 7 points ahead! 22 to 15.

17:35 – Fickou caught 2 meters from the in-goal!

What an opportunity for the Blues! The enormous work of Vakatawa who passes 2 Scots and transmits on his left. The French advance, enter within 5 meters to find Fickou who is caught 2 meters from the in-goal. The action stops. The ball is released for Jalibert who sees Teddy Thomas on the other side of the field. He chooses to kick the foot but it’s too short and a Scottish comes to catch the ball. Pity !

17:31 – Jalibert not paying attention

Jalibert is surprised and steals the ball while France had started a block. The Scots therefore recover the ball but commit a forward … not seen by the referee. The action continues but the Blues defend well and recover possession of the cook after a new Scottish forward … This time sanctioned by the ‘man in black’.

17:23 – Scotland returns to 4 points

Ah la la … new fault of the XV of France. Duncan Weir is 10 yards in front of the posts. As much to say to you that it has no evil to put 3 points more. What a pity, it’s only 19-15 for Fabien Galthié’s men.

17:20 – French team tryout !!

HERE IT IS !!!!! Fickou finds Vincent Rattez just before the tackle, the Frenchman is accompanied by Vakatawa who goes to the end. Vakatawa is served and caught by a Scotsman but still manages to turn and flatten! Behind, Ramos is precise and transforms. It’s 19-12 for the Blues!

17:18 – The second half started!

Come on, let’s go! The French are launching this second period! At the break, the French and the Scots are back to back, 12 everywhere.

17:04 – The French test is near … half time whistled

Ouuuhh the magnificent fray of the XV of France !! A very good phase of play for the French who find themselves 2 meters from the Scottish in-goal! Vakatawa is very close to scoring the first try of the game but, on the back, he can not flatten. The Scottish defense was present in numbers! The referee whistles the break on this parity score! 12 everywhere!

16:59 – Camille Chat, not far from yellow

On a big tackle, Camille Chat is not far from being penalized. The Frenchman had his elbow forward before touching the Scotsman lightly in the throat. After viewing the video, the referee did not wish to sanction the Frenchman, judging that the movement of the arm was not dangerous.

16:55 – French forward and Scottish 3 points

Succession of kicking, candle light. If France recovers some balloons, it loses them with faulty hands. French forward at the moment which allows the hairy Duncan Weir to take 3 additional points.

4:48 PM – Ramos responds to Weir

Duel of the scorers this afternoon. The Scots also commit another foul on the kick-off. Like his Scottish counterpart, Thomas Ramos is precise. Slightly off-center, the tricolor striker passes the oval between the posts. 12 to 9!

16:46 – 3 of 3 for Duncan Weir

New penalty for the Scots. Facing the post, Duncan Weir easily transforms. Scotland is picking up quickly. 9 everywhere. The Blues are waterproof but make too many mistakes.

4:41 PM – Jalibert drop!

What a relaunch from Thomas Ramos in midfield! The French returned to the heart of the Scottish defense to then pass on to Dupont with a high class chistera. The game calms down and the ball comes out on Jalibert who tries a drop facing the post at about thirty meters. And it passes! The Blues are back in front! 9 to 6.


Scotland – France: useful information

The match between Scotland and France will kick off at 4:15 p.m. this Sunday November 22, 2020, from Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. The meeting will take place behind closed doors, due to the rules imposed to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The composition of the XV of France : Ramos – Thomas, Vakatawa, Fickou, Rattez – (o) Jalibert, (m) Dupont – Ollivon (cap.), Alldritt, Cretin – Taofifenua, Le Roux – Bamba, Chat, Gros. The makeup of Scotland: Hogg – Kinghorn, Harris, Johnson, Van der Merwe – (o) Weir, (m) Price – Watson, M.Fagerson, Ritchie – Gray, Cummings – Berghan, Brown, Kebble.

A free-to-air broadcast is scheduled on TV today for this Autumn Nations Cup match between Scotland and France the match live on television: go to France 2, the only channel to offer the retransmission of the meeting.

To watch this Scotland – France match streaming on the Internet, you can turn to the France 2 website (free access after registration). Also experience the match live with commentary with us (see above), with the evolution of the score and the summary of the highlights live.

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