France-Germany (1-0): the Blues not spoiled by arbitration

Fortunately, the France team won its first match of Euro 2021 against Germany (1-0). Any other result would have opened a long debate on the performance of the Spanish referee Carlos del Cerro Grande, 45 years old but nominated for the first time by UEFA in a major international competition. If he only issued one warning, for Joshua Kimmich (7th), the Madrilenian and his assistants were in great demand, except by the VAR, video refereeing … The decision to give six minutes, became eight in total, additional time also surprised.

Could Kimmich, Gosens and Rüdiger have been excluded?

As we have said, Kimmich got an early yellow after a foul on Lucas Hernandez (7th). Before the break, same actors, new duel. Unbalanced, the German falls to the ground by raising his right foot, which ends in the face of the French (40th). The referee does not flinch, therefore not considering this gesture as dangerous.

A few moments later, it’s time for the Pogba-Rüdiger duel. On a throw-in, Rüdiger sticks a little too much Pogba. He presses conspicuously on the chest and pretends to bite him on the back. An intention without action and this is probably the reason why the video did not intervene either. The Chelsea player, at the same time, ostensibly presses him on the chest.

Finally, at the hour of play, Robin Gosens violently hits Benjamin Pavard in the neck. An uncontrolled duel which could have been worth a red according to Tony Chapron, ex-international referee, quoted by Infosport +. “I took quite a shock. I was a little knocked out for 10 to 15 seconds. Afterwards, things were better, ”Pavard whispered after the meeting.

Was there a penalty on Kylian Mbappé?

We come to the 78th minute: Benzema launches Mbappé in depth. The latter catches Hummels speed and precedes him at the entrance to the surface. With a slipped tackle, the German defender unbalances the French striker. Penalty? No, according to Carlos del Cerro Grande, who immediately explains to Mbappé that the Bayern Munich player touched the ball. But here again, the debate is open. Because if Hummels deflects the ball well, it also touches the legs of Mbappé, who can not stand. The most astonishing thing is that never on this action, the Spanish referee did not consult directly the VAR, warned by his video assistant, Juan Martínez Munuera, that there was no obvious error.

Was there offside on disallowed goals?

Twice, the French have scored a goal finally invalidated for offside: Mbappé (67th) and Benzema (84th). Two fair decisions of the refereeing body, the second having been validated thanks to video assistance. As the instructions given to the referees want, on the first goal, the assistant let Mbappé play until the end before raising his flag. Frustrating.

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