France “has a chance, it’s nuclear power”, declares Emmanuel Macron

Invited to speak on the climate, the President of the Republic expressed his support for nuclear power and acknowledged the tensions on the issue of wind turbines.

Traveling in French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron expressed his support for the French nuclear industry, which he describes as “luck“For France:”we are the country in Europe with the fewest tonnes of CO2 emitted per capita. Why ? Because we have historic nuclear power», He insisted.

Asked by FranceInfo on the subject, the President of the Republic defended this source of energy: “where other countries have coal mines or import a lot of gas – which is a hydrocarbon and has a bad carbon footprint, we are lucky to have historic nuclear power“, He pleaded. He also called not to fall into debates which are “exclusive or too generalOn nuclear energy.

Study wind projects “case by case»

The President of the Republic also pleaded for the development of renewable energy sources, but with “case by case pragmatism“. He pointed out the tensions that can arise from too great a concentration of wind power projects in a given area, and cited the Hauts-de-France in particular: “we must not fall into any caricature, there are places where we can still do wind turbine projects because they are suitable and relevant, there are places which are already well endowed and where there is no consensus and therefore, yes, we will have to build alternative strategies ourselves.“He urged all actors to”to listen” and “improve local consultation».

He also said he was in favor of the development of solar energy, the impact of which “visual“Is more moderate:”I don’t want our landscapes to be damaged, he insisted, it is part of our heritage and our deep wealth, of our identity“. This does not mean the end of new projects, especially in French Polynesia. He thus expressed himself in favor of “the ultra-marine strategy which is to massively develop renewable energy because it is a strategy of sovereignty».


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