France is a world leader in the insect market


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AC. Le Sann, P. Achere, A. Forveille, S. Jampy, E. Brouillard, H. Duguet

France 3

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To replace animal proteins in livestock or in human food, several French farms have bet on insects. The market should amount to several billion euros in 2030.

French companies have become world leaders in insect-based products to feed animals, and soon humans. In Rethel (Ardennes), on a 16,000 m2 farm that emerged from the ground in 18 months, Cédric Auriol developed his business, Agronutris. 12 years of research and 100 million euros invested have made it possible to invent the breeding conditions for the black soldier fly. This species has the ability to transform its microscopic eggs into larvae 10,000 times larger. For ten days, they feed on plant waste recovered from nearby industries.

The confident French state

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