France: Police attack “ubershit” phenomenon in Grenoble

In two days, Grenoble law enforcement arrested eight suspects active in delivering drugs to homes. A phenomenon dubbed «Ubershit» which would be in strong development in the city and its banleagues since confinement and curfew, explains Policemen and gendarmes have therefore reinforced la fight against this form of trafficking “so that traffickers do not invest in this niche thinking that they are safe from all prosecution in urban, peri-urban and rural areas”, explains the public prosecutor of Grenoble Eric Vaillant.

Concretely, sellers place classified ads on social networks then a contact then takes place on more discreet communication applications such as Snapchat or Telegram. Seller and buyer then agree on a price.x and a delivery address.

How to stop this traffic? The easiest way is to become a buyer. And cis exactly what agents do, but obviously within a very strict framework whenTheoperation say “buying shots”. “The buying moves can only be done in compliance with legal rules that frame the practice. Article 230-46 of the Code of Criminal Procedure allows cyber patrollers from the judicial police and the research section of the gendarmerie, under the control of the public prosecutor, to contact the traffickers and order narcotics from them ”, detailed the parquet of Grenoble in It is specified that this does not constitute unfair proof, obtained by inciting to commit an offense, if the tortious activity is established before the operation.

As part of these «shopping shots» two minors of 13 and 14 years were arrested on Tuesday. They would be used as delivery people. The same day an adult man also questioned – cwould be a trafficker acting alone as well as another 20 years known for narcotics business. The day before, four suspects were caught for having engaged in “ubershit”. One of the young people came into contact with the policeman who had ordered, another had drugs on him and the other two kept watch.

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