France – Sentenced to 20 years in prison for an acid attack on his ex-wife

French justice convicted of complicity in acts of torture a 52-year-old Algerian who had ordered the vitriolage of his ex-wife in 2006 in Chambéry.

The accused had no words of comfort for his ex-wife, absent from the hearing


A 52-year-old Albanian, tried in France for having ordered the sulfuric acid attack on his ex-wife in 2006, was sentenced on Saturday to 20 years in prison.

Burns to the face and body

Nexhmédin Dardha, found guilty of complicity in acts of torture or aggravated barbarism, welcomed the impassive verdict at the Assize Court of Savoy (east).

Of Albanian nationality but having lived for a long time in France since the 1990s, he declared himself “innocent” of the charges.

He had no word of comfort for his ex-wife, absent at the hearing and for whom “the fear and the pain are still there”, as specified by the advice of the latter Me Frédéric Verron, in his pleading.

On September 14, 2006, the ex-wife of the accused was sprayed with sulfuric acid by a gloved and hooded individual, in front of her home, in Chambéry, in the French Alps, while she was joining her vehicle, surrounded by his two daughters.

The victim had been burned in the second and third degree, face and body.

“I’m going to erase you because you humiliated me”

Immediately, the ex-husband of the victim and father of two children had been suspected of being the sponsor of this attack, from Albania where he had found refuge. The lack of an extradition agreement with France had protected him until his arrest in 2019 during a trip to Italy. He had been brought back to France under an international arrest warrant.

Two henchmen of the accused were sentenced in 2009 to ten and five years in prison in connection with this case, during a first trial.

By sponsoring the vitriolage of his ex-wife, “he said + I will erase you because you have humiliated me +”, declared the general counsel Nathalie Hermitte in his indictment, while the victim, whose accused had divorced in 2004, had rebuilt his life with another man.

He considered her “a woman to be slaughtered”, as the investigation had revealed.

In 2006, the victim had already filed a complaint twice against her ex-husband, for sabotage of his vehicle and death threats. She has since changed her identity, like her children, for security reasons.


Posted: 11/14/2020, 10:00 p.m.

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