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France suspends 3,000 doctors and front line for not vaccinating

Date 17 September 2021 time 11:00

About 3,000 medical workers in France have been suspended because they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

France’s Health Minister Olivier Verran has said some 3,000 medical and health workers have been temporarily suspended without pay, according to AFP news agency. After the government set a deadline in July In the past, all officers had to get vaccinated by September 15, otherwise there will be punishment measures.

However, Verran said the number of suspended personnel was still low. That compares to a total of 2.7 million personnel ready to serve in France. He added that dozens of staff have opted to quit instead of getting vaccinated.

However, media analysis of figures released by the hospital found that the number of personnel suspended from work could be higher. A Paris hospital said 340 personnel had been suspended, while a small town For example, Perpignan has 100 and Nice has 450.

France’s public health agency estimated last week that about 12 percent of hospital workers and about 6% of doctors in private practice have not been vaccinated.

France has approved vaccination for people aged 12 years and over, with 74% of people currently receiving at least one dose and 70 percent receiving two.

Meanwhile, new infections in France have continued to decline. As of Sept. 16, there were 8,128 new cases and 65 additional deaths, bringing the cumulative number of infections to 6.93 million and deaths to around 1.16 lakh.



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