France-Sweden: Deschamps recalls that “the last impression will be that of the last match”

This Tuesday, the Blues receive Sweden at the Stade de France, in the League of Nations, for the last match of the calendar year. His first place is assured but for Didier Deschamps, there is no question of falling back into the sluggishness of France-Finland (0-2) less than a week ago.

There have been several system changes since the start of the school year: is it a coincidence or do you operate in cycles?

DIDIER DESCHAMPS. I don’t do anything at random. Is it a disguised question to know how to play? I just got it! There is little time between matches. I assume that we are in an internship with few sessions to work. Like that, we stay on an identical pattern. I can change but it’s better this way. So tomorrow we’ll play three (ironic).

How many changes can we expect against Sweden?

There will be at least one change since N’Golo Kanté is suspended. This meeting does not have the importance of Saturday’s game against Portugal. But it is an international match and you will, I am sure, have to judge the individual and collective performances. The last impression will be that of the last game. I haven’t decided anything. Today will be a light session. I’ll wait to see the conditions of the players who started on Saturday. I will wait until tomorrow even if I have an idea of ​​what I want to do and with whom.

Is this an opportunity to see Marcus Thuram again?

He found the France group. I had no doubt that he was not impacted emotionally. He is ready, with his game, to keep the ball, to strike. He doesn’t balk at the effort, which is good for an attacker. He will be affected by tomorrow’s game at some point.

What is the state of mind of Adrien Rabiot, who settles in selection now?

He is good, he is confident, it shows. I did not call him in September for other reasons. Saturday, against Portugal, in a register that is not his, he was very efficient. Technical quality, he always had it. He has volume, aggressiveness and impact in duels, he projects himself and in a register which is not totally his own and which poses no particular problem to him. Good for him and it’s good for the France team.

Will Kylian Mbappé start this Tuesday?

He is fine. He did the collective session yesterday. He will be doing the meeting today. There are the two options, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. I’ll talk to him about it. I will decide for the best for the team and for him. He hasn’t played for a fortnight, he wants, he really wants. It was played out against Portugal, it was too fair. If all goes well, he will be present tomorrow.

What advice would you give Olivier Giroud to make his playing time jump?

I never give advice but an opinion. After that, it’s the players’ decision. The situation is not good for him. It is he who will decide if it can evolve. I do not forget everything he has done and is still capable of doing.

Are some people playing their last card on Tuesday?

There is no last card. They all have an interest in being successful but that does not mean that it will guarantee them a place in March. There is nothing acquired but they have every interest in being efficient in collective expression.

What is your opinion after the exit of Amandine Henry against her coach Corinne Deacon?

No. Beyond the recognized skills of Corinne Deacon, whom I appreciate humanely, with whom I have the chance to exchange, and out of respect for her, I do not feel, it is not my role to give my opinion on a situation of which I do not know the ins and outs. I stay in my place, I am in my role.

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