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Today, Saturday (July 31, 2021), tens of thousands of people gathered again under the slogan “Freedom”, to protest against the expansion of the “health certificate” in several cities in France, for the third time over the weekend. The health certificate is a mandatory health permit to enter a large number of public places, issued by the government as it confronts a fourth wave of infections with the Corona virus.

In Paris, a first demonstration involving thousands of people saw clashes with security forces. A police spokesman said they estimate the number of people who took part in the demonstrations in Paris to be around 13500 One person, while another police spokesman indicated that the protesters in Paris wounded three policemen.

Before the protesters set out, Jerome Rodriguez, one of the leaders of the “yellow vests” movement against the government’s social policy, criticized “members of the government and the media who They are trying to convince us that a vaccine is effective Without having any evidence.” More than three thousand police and gendarmes were mobilized to supervise the marches, a week after the demonstrators descended on the Champs Elysees, which closed its doors on Saturday.

I am not an experimental field!
On the eve of this mobilization, the authorities expected to participate 150 A person. And last Saturday, protests gathered 161 thousand people and 110 Thousands a week earlier. Today’s demonstration was held in Rennes (west) 2900 One person “has no accidents registered yet,” the security directorate told AFP in the afternoon, which represents an increase in mobilization compared to last Saturday (2200 Person). “Vaccinate me against fascism and capitalism” and “False media! We want the truth,” read the banners raised in a noisy atmosphere.

In the cities of the southeast, the authorities counted more than 20 thousand people, especially in the cities of Montpellier (8500(Caught)6500). One banner read “President, Representatives, Senators, Scientists and Journalists are all cowards” and on another, “I am not a guinea pig.” In the night (north), more than two thousand people, including many “yellow vests”, marched, chanting “Freedom, freedom” and “We do not want health certificates, nor forced martyrdoms.”

Expand the scope of the “Health Certificate”
Last Sunday, the French Parliament finally approved the health certificate that requires the presentation of Full Certificate of Vaccination Against Covid-19 Or a recent negative test. Next Thursday, the authorities are expected to overcome the last obstacle to the new law when the Constitutional Council, at the invitation of Prime Minister Jan Castix, takes a position on the subject of severe criticism of the law.

The country is currently experiencing an epidemic (more than 24300 A new case Friday), especially in tourist areas, as a result of the highly contagious Delta mutant. Corona virus caused death 111855 people in France since the beginning of the epidemic. And the health certificate in force in cultural and recreational places since 21 July, expanded to include cafes, galleries, restaurants and trains from 9 August.

A study published Friday showed that unvaccinated people against Covid –19 represent about 85% of hospitalized patients in France, including in intensive care and78% of deaths are caused by the virus. It became more than 50% of the French population this week is fully vaccinated.

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