France Vacation 2020: Are Travel Possible Again? The corona rules

Europe Travel in times of Corona

These rules apply to vacationers in France

France has hit the corona pandemic hard. But one still hopes for German vacationers in summer. With a lot of energy one works on tourism concepts, which should guarantee the protection of locals and guests.

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You should now pay attention to this when booking your holiday

With the lifting of the travel warnings, summer vacations could still be possible. In the WELT interview, Ralf Hieke from the German Travel Association explains why you should now opt for package tours when booking.

Dhe popular travel destination France, which is one of the EU countries most severely affected by the corona virus, is working hard to be able to receive German holidaymakers again as soon as possible. The French tourism association Atout France has announced plans to this end.

On the recommendation of the EU Commission, travel restrictions in the Schengen area should continue until June 15. The top priority is always the health and safety of the population and guests, emphasizes Caroline Leboucher, General Director of Atout France.

“We are not giving up this season yet, not even for European vacationers. We want to clink glasses with our friends from Germany, ”she adds.

“I’m going to France this summer”

From June 2020, the “Cet été je pars en France” advertising campaign (“I’m going to France this summer”) will be launched to restart the tourism industry, initially to promote domestic travel.

With the gradual reopening of the borders, however, this campaign will subsequently be extended to the border countries and the Schengen area.

Among other things, a common indicator for the dissemination of hygiene guidelines for the tourism industry is being developed for the restart of tourism.

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Vacation in the Corona crisis

After the first loosening on May 11th, the catering businesses will soon be allowed to open again, Atout France announced. A more specific date will be announced in the last week of May. In those departments that were classified as “green zones”, this could happen as early as June 2, if the development of the epidemic permits.

In July and August, a vacation in France, including overseas territories, will be possible at least for French people, according to the French Tourism Association. Hotels and tour operators would undertake a full refund for cancellations due to the corona virus.

Air France increases the number of flights

The French airline Air France plans to gradually offer more flights again by the end of June. This applies subject to the lifting of travel restrictions, the airline said. The number of frequencies and destinations, particularly to France, to the French overseas territories and within Europe are to be gradually increased.

Accordingly, destinations in Germany are to be flown to from Paris – these are Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover and Munich. London, Vienna, Madrid or Milan are also on the flight schedule, which should be updated daily.

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The plan corresponds to only 15 percent of the capacities normally used at this time of year. Details of the flight schedule for the months of July and August will be published in early June.

Air France advises passengers to contact the appropriate authorities prior to travel to obtain information about entry requirements. Air France currently serves 43 destinations – since the end of March, only between three and five percent of the regular flight schedule has been offered.

Some beaches and museums are already open

After a complete two-month standstill, France’s tourist destinations are slowly being brought back to life. At the weekend, several beaches on the country’s coasts opened, the pilgrimage to Lourdes welcomed visitors, and the famous island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, located in the Wadden Sea, was accessible again.

France’s State Secretary for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, spoke out in favor of opening as many sights as possible by the end of June.

The government announced a timeline for the week of May 25th. With world-famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower, it is still unclear when it will be accessible to tourists again.

Large museums like the Louvre in Paris are unlikely to open their doors until September. Smaller museums can again receive visitors.

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