franceinfo junior books. “Santa’s phone” rings and it’s François Morel!

“Father Christmas’s telephone”, by F. Morel, illustrations by Lili la Baleine (Michel Lafon / France Inter)

Santa’s phone by François Morel, illustrated by Lili la Baleine, collection A story and Oli, France Inter & Michel Lafon editions. To read and listen in podcast from 4 years old (October 2020)

After Santa’s good resolutions, published just a year ago by Michel Lafon editions, in partnership with franceinter, our dear neighbor of the Maison de la radio, François Morel returns with a new charming adventure of the man with the white beard, in the collection A story and Oli.

FRANCEINFO JUNIOR BOOKS – “Father Christmas’s phone”, by François Morel / Full version of the Interview

Back to Lapland and this year, there is no reason, Santa Claus gave himself a gift! A mobile phone ! He takes pictures of Mrs. Claus who discovered meditation, and has fun taking selfies … In short, it’s his new toy! But there is a problem in size, there is no network … It’s not that bad, nobody has their 06, but when even, you never know … In search of the network and to receive with his new mobile, he finds himself stuck on the highest branch of a tree …

Around Santa Claus we also find his dear reindeer, Dancer, Dashing, Comet, Cupid, Thunder, Tornado, Lightning and Fury, who train in figure skating. In all these pretty little sketches, we still find all the talent of the illustrator Lili La Baleine.

You will see, reading this album, we really have a delicious time, first because it is full of poetry, and also because we find the humor all in finesse and poetry of François Morel, like this passage where Santa Claus makes a phone call to the Pope, it’s short and funny “à la Devos” …

François Morel advises to read The little Nicolas de Sempé and Goscigny.

And that’s good! For the holidays, Gallimard / IMAV éditions, offer a very beautiful book to enter the world of the young boy with Little Nicolas’ big book. There are excerpts, flaps to pull, sweet words to look for, and above all we laugh a lot!

“Le grand livre du petit Nicolas”, by Goscinny and Sempé (Gallimard Jeunesse / IMAV éditions)

Comedian, director, author, singer, columnist for France Inter, François Morel knows how to do everything! And youone thing is certain, he is a bit like our Father Christmas!

His news:

Besides this story for the youngest, you will not be alone, François Morel offers us an album to accompany All sailors are singers.

And two books to make the older ones smile:

At the Philosophers Counter, Philosophy magazine editor (November 2020).

“At the counter of the philosophers. The great quotations revised and corrected”, by F. Morel with V. de Oliveira (PHILOSOPHE MAGAZINE EDITOR)

And The dictionary in love with the useless, co written with his son, Valentin Morel éditions Plon (October 2020).

Christmas is fast approaching, here is a small selection of beautiful CD-books to slip into small, medium or large shoes …

Moby Dick, based on the novel by Herman Melville, illustrated by Juliaon Roels, adapted by Stéphane Michaka, directed by Cédric Aussir. National Orchestra of France conducted by Debora Waldman. The Gallimard Youth Music / France Culture albums (December 2020). According to a fiction concert broadcast on France Culture, here is the book-CD of an original adaptation of the mythical Moby Dick. Ready for the big adventure? Take to the sea and hoist the mainsail with the young Ismaël, played by Robinson Stévenin!

“Moby Dick” after H. Melville (Gallimard jeunesse / France Culture)

The most beautiful ballet arias, illustrated CD-book by Olivier Desvaux, Didier Jeunesse editions (October 2020).

Because they will always make you dream, La Sylphide, Giselle, Faust, Don Quixote, Coppelia, Sylvia, Swan Lakes, The Bayadere, The Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Prince Igor, Fire Bird, The Rite of Spring, Romeo and Juliet… all these major works of ballet are represented in this “box”. Olivier Desvaux explored the Paris Opera and scrutinized all of its dancers for nearly a year. After admiring them, all you have to do is dance!

“The most beautiful ballet airs” (Didier jeunesse)

Find plenty of other reading ideas to offer yourself or to offer on the website of kibookin. For all ages and for all tastes, there are no more excuses not to find your nugget to read, and especially to go back to bookstores!

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