Francesco Facchinetti and my daughter: “I’m not jealous …”

The beloved and famous Francesco Facchinetti, the son of Roby dei Pooh, in addition to being a well-known character, is also a splendid father: the words on the relationship with his daughter Mia, had with Alessia Marcuzzi

Francesco Facchinetti (photo source: GettyImages)

Face known and beloved by the public, a very popular character also on Instagram, Francesco Facchinetti, the son of Roby of Pooh, is not only gifted with great sympathy and talent, but is also a splendid one Pope: her words about the bond with My daughter, had with Alessia Marcuzzi.

Who follows with passion and attention Francesco in his public and partner outings, he knows well that the latter is engaged with Wilma Helena Faissol, an intense and profound relationship from which wonderful children were born.

However, Facchinetti in the past also had a splendid one infant, My, following the reaction with the beautiful and popular Alessia Marcuzzi.

And with regard to the relationship with Mia, the Italian TV presenter, singer and disc jockey had the opportunity to explain his point of view in the past, as a guest on the show ‘Come to Me’.

Francesco Facchinetti talks about Mia in ‘Come to Me’: “sometimes he is wrong, he calls me Paolo and he calls him dad”

Francesco Facchinetti and Wilma (photo source: Instagram, @ladyfacchinetti)

In an interview given some time ago to ‘Come to Me’, a popular show with a huge following, Francesco Facchinetti has the opportunity to dwell on some aspects related to his relationship with My, showing open-mindedness and a deep sensitivity.

Indeed it seems that My is very linked to husband of Alessia, Paolo Calabresi Marconi, and from time to time, according to what has been explained, it seems that the little girl calls him Pope. A gesture that Francesco does not mind, who appreciates the man very much and is happy with the relationship established.

“He’s someone I enjoy spending time with, apart from being her husband. He chose well, He is much better than me, but it didn’t take much eh… ”, he joked on that occasion.

Furthermore, Facchinetti also stressed that he is not jealous of the time Mia spends with him, and compared to the fact that he is sometimes called Paolo, while Marcuzzi’s husband is sometimes called dad, he explained: “It happens, it doesn’t bother me, on the contrary for me it is a beautiful thing. Lor I find a gesture of love, I can’t feel envy ”.

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