Francisco Igea measures his real strength with the election of the citizens’ committees

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The 20,979 members of Citizens (Cs) up to date with payment and with a minimum period of six months will choose this weekend the 355 committees who will represent them in the V General Assembly of the party, convened on March 14 and 15. It will be the most reliable thermometer with which critics will measure the actual temperature of their supports between militancy.

On Monday, when the elected officials will meet, Inés Arrimadas participates in an informative breakfast attended by the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León and head of the critical sector, Francisco Igea. His intention is to finally talk in person with the one-time candidate to lead Cs – they have not done so before Christmas – and try, for the last time, to convince her to unify a consensus candidacy.

The main obstacle is the party model. Igea defends that the regional directorates are chosen by the militants, while Arrimadas and the manager are in favor of maintaining one similar to the current one: with all the executive weight centralized in Madrid. The manager’s sources already completely rule out the integration of Igea, after criticism that they consider to threaten the party itself, such as saying that it is in “critical death” or that its statutes are “Leninists.”

Nor is it understood at the national headquarters of Cs why Igea has not submitted to be a compromiser. From their surroundings they say that they do it in case they finally decide to appear to preside over the party, but in the management they clarify that they are not incompatible.

In the General Assembly, in addition to the 355 elected members, the members of the management company, those of the new Executive Committee – which is voted a week before that congress – and those of the outgoing General Council. Reason why Igea would only gain an advantage by not being a compromise if he files against Arrimadas and manages to defeat her. Thus, in addition to its related committees, it would count on the assembly with its vote and that of its Executive Committee. The operation entails the risk of losing the primaries – if it is finally presented – as it would run out of voice or presence in the March congress, where the party model is definitely approved.

The Amendment of Citizens Are You, platform headed by Igea, received support from 101 groups, but was only presented in 135 of the 864 that Cs has. In the critical sector they are optimistic and believe that the support is great, but in the Arrimadas environment they minimize it a lot and point out that, in addition to being relatively few groupings, critics basically vote in the initial process. Choosing between Arrimadas and Igea, they claim, is another song.

Today the committees are voted telematically and tomorrow they put polls in the offices authorized for those who prefer it. The number of critical compromises could give Igea the final push – or stop it – to finally launch her candidacy.

Primary: Galicia and Basque Country
In parallel to the election of the compromisarios, the affiliates of Cs in the Basque Country and Galicia choose from today at ten until tomorrow at the same time to their number one in the regional elections held in these regions on April 5. In the Basque Country this election will determine who is the first name of Cs in the PP + Cs coalition. In Galicia, it is in the air if the winner will lead an independent candidacy or end up in the PP lists. .


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