Francisco Sagasti after meeting with the families of Inti Sotelo and Jack Pintado: “Their deaths will not go unpunished”

The president of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, was pronounced on Saturday night after his meeting with the families of You are Sotelo Y Painted Jack, young people who died due to police repression during the protests last week.

Through a message on his Twitter account, the president said that these young people deserve justice and that their deaths will not go unpunished. He added that he also received the relatives of some of the young people who were injured.

The president emphasized the importance of closing this wound, for which he said that it is necessary to identify those responsible early so that they are punished accordingly.

The parents of You are Sotelo Y Painted Jack met this Saturday with the president Francisco Sagasti in the Government Palace. A week after both died as a result of police repression during the protests against Manuel Merino.

Previously, in the morning, the president referred to the police actions during the citizen protests last week and assured that said action cannot continue any longer, for which an investigation is carried out in this regard. He added that the police institution should not be generalized or stigmatized, which he said is essential for the democratic system.

“The ongoing investigations will say if there were orders or it was the initiative of a small group. We will not stop working or rest until we fully identify those responsible and apply the rigor that corresponds according to law”, He said during a recognition ceremony by the Armed Forces and the National Police.


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