Franck Riester unveils his proposals for the future of artist-authors

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► Better representation of artist-authors

Franck Riester recalled the need for artist-authors to have a representation “Legitimate and incontestable” at national level and wishes to organize professional elections in all sectors “Where it seems appropriate” from here “The second half of 2021”. The elected representatives will be “Privileged interlocutors of public authorities When social reforms are considered.

While the seventh recommendation in the report mentioned a “National Council (…) responsible for formulating proposals and conducting collective bargaining”, the Minister of Culture announced the creation of a “Transversal social dialogue body” but without providing details on its nature and role.

► A pending economic situation

No concrete measures announced as regards improving the economic situation of artist-authors, but a call for “Consultations”. The “Sharing of values” equitable between all the actors in the creation chain (from the author to the broadcaster), recommended in the Racine report and awaited by many authors, will have to be negotiated by all of the interlocutors concerned that Franck Riester calls to meet.

The creation of a “Order contract” which would make it possible to remunerate the working time linked to creative activity, which is also recommended in the report and demanded by the creative sectors, will be evaluated soon by the Higher Council for Literary and Artistic Property (CSPLA). On the other hand, the Minister of Culture confirmed the regular increase, in the coming years, of aid paid by the State via operators – public establishments under the supervision of the Ministry such as the National Book Council – and this in all creative sectors.

► Simplifying the opening to social rights

In order to translate the diversity of the resources of author-artists and to simplify the opening to social rights, Franck Riester announced that the ceiling of income from ancillary activities, such as participation in round tables or intervention in schools, become essential for many of them, would “Increased by 50% compared to the current ceiling”, according to a report recommendation Root.

The Minister of Culture also affirmed his desire to recognize the multiplicity of activities carried out by these professionals. If the scope of the subsidiary activities should not be opened more, that of the main activities will be extended and will contribute to the professionalization of certain functions such as the “Collection management”.

► A support unit for the “forgotten” of Agessa

In his report, Bruno Racine underlines the dysfunctions of Agessa (Association for the Management of Social Security of Authors) which forgot to deduct for forty years the pension contributions of nearly 190,000 artist-authors. During his speech, the Minister of Culture lamented these “Deficiencies” and asked Agessa to set up a support unit to deal with “On a case-by-case basis individual situations” with “Speed, efficiency and kindness”.

► The reorganization of the Ministry of Culture

Franck Riester affirmed the reorganization of his ministry in order to more effectively monitor the situation of artist-authors. Following up on recommendations 9 and 15 made in the report, the Minister announced the upcoming creation of new dedicated functions, both within public cultural establishments, by providing them with a “Artist-author referent”, but also within his cabinet in which he will appoint a special adviser.

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Finally, the Minister of Culture deplored the lack of follow-up “Statistical, economic and sociological” which penalizes professionals and announced, to remedy this, the establishment of a “Full barometer” on the social situation of artist-authors.



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