“Franco achieved the fastest military advance until World War II”

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The Civil War entered Cáceres like an elephant in a china shop. Although, more than with the sounds of falling pots or exploding bombs, it did so to the chord of the happy music of its squares, of waiters in tuxedos and of a hotel business that would become gold with the cloud of soldiers, merchants and emissaries who followed that army. For 39 days, the Extremaduran city became the place where the future of Spain and Europe was determined, spies and soldiers through. The place where Francisco Franco, an Africanist general who had made the banner of not getting involved in politics, managed to be appointed generalissimo and head of state of the rebel military.

Photograph of Alonso de la Torre.
Photograph of Alonso de la Torre. – Esperanza Rubio, 2018

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