Franco, the son of Beto Casella, spoke of the mysterious letter his father wrote him: “I told him ‘I’m not going to read it until you’re gone’, but I’m going to reconsider”

Franco Casella and Papa Beto’s letter: between curiosity and principles (Vino para vos – KZO)

“He is father, brother and friend”. These words that on the one hand describe roles but simultaneously enhance the displays of affection, he chose Franco Casella in order to define your father BetO. He did it during his passage through Came for you, the series of interviews led by Tomás Dente on Canal KZO. The dynamics of the program, according to which each guest receives a virtual visit, the young musician could have a delayed dialogue with the consecrated conductor. And in that space that lends itself to anecdote, emotion and reflection, another form of father-son communication came to life, less modern but much more romantic.

With a degree in Biology, Franco shares a passion for music and radio with his father. He composed musical curtains and performed live at Blessed, the classic led by Beto who has been at El Nueve for 16 seasons. He was also part of La Bien Levantada, a group he formed with his father and other celebrities such as Gastón Recondo and Alakrán. In the fascinating world of the ether, unleash your adventure with your programs on AM 1030 and Radio Zónica.

From the pride for the constantly growing professional, but above all for the person who helped shape but who shines by making his own way, Casella’s emotional message for her son was discussed. When referring to his scrolls in the profession, the also conductor of Well raised (Radio Continental) ruled out that this is the scene of his main achievements.

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The real success is Franco, it is Juampi, they are my two children: supportive, good kids, sensitive, austere and good people. A success naturally shared with your mother, ”said the Bendita man in reference to Patricia Quintero. “There we help them to follow the path of kindness, empathy with others and curiosity. You are a pride, a piece of mine that walks through life, ”Beto concluded.

Franco, Beto and Juampi Casella, united by blood and lyrics (Instagram: @ francocasella10)

But during his speech, Bendita’s driver also made reference to a letter, in which he expresses his feelings for Franco and his brother Juampi: “Everything I have to tell you is there”, said Casella Sr. about that text. A letter that Franco, for the moment, could only read bit by bit.

“I told him ‘I’m not going to read the letter until you’re here’, but I’m going to reconsider”said the musician, who hesitates between curiosity and the desire to avoid the temptation to convey any doubts or concerns that may arise once read. “That letter has time and was modified, because one does not think the same five or ten years from now. I read a little seven years ago and I think he will leave me and my brother a lot when he’s gone“, he pointed.

Franco defined his father as a man who gave little advice and did not suggest behavior, “unless you go the wrong way on the highway,” he exemplified. However, in what was encouraged to spy on the letter, there are some of those maxims to hold on to to face life. “Love your mother, who is the person who will love you the most in life. Get rid of people who don’t do you good”. And when faced with Dente’s question, reviving his curiosity to know the totality of the content and share it, the musician confirmed his state of permanent reflection. “You want to have all your loved ones for fifty more years, but we are human and I know it is never fifty years,” he closed.


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