François Bayrou says he is in favor of the principle of compulsory vaccination

Faced with the reluctance of part of the population to be inoculated with the future vaccine against Covid-19, some officials are considering compulsory vaccination. At the microphone of Europe 1 Wednesday, François Bayrou said he was in favor: “In principle, ‘yes’!”


Several laboratories have announced that they are in the process of launching the production of a vaccine against coronavirus. But already, the support of the population raises questions. Invited from Europe 1 on Wednesday, the High Commissioner for Planning François Bayrou, said he was in favor of the principle of compulsory vaccination, “after we have made sure that the vaccine works and that it is fully supported”.

The health crisis marks the appearance of a new form of distrust of the scientific world. But faced with the “antivax” movement, François Bayrou is uncompromising and recalls that there are already many compulsory vaccines in France: “Fortunately we have compulsory vaccinations”, he says, continuing: “He There are countries where measles is on the rise again because we have been negligent with regard to vaccinations… and it kills. “

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