François Hollande and Julie Gayet threaten to sue magazine after publication – teller report

Francois Hollande is he an unfaithful man? The question arises since the Magazine Here is released reports of a relationship between the former French president and Juliette Gernez, an opera dancer. On the side of the former boss ofElysium and his wife Julie Gayet, we have tasted very little what the media people report. They process this information from “Tissue of malicious insinuations and detrimental to respect for people”. According to the couple’s entourage, François and Julie do not intend to stop there.

“A selfie to show that everything is fine”

They think they are suing the magazine Here is. To show that she and the former French president are more united than ever, the actress posted on her Instagram account a selfie of the two on the night of Thursday to Friday. The digital self-portrait was accompanied by a red heart as a legend. Note that the former socialist leader and his companion do not expose themselves in public anyhow. They have been very discreet about their married life since they got together. The recent selfie is one of the couple’s few since François Hollande’s lease ended at the Elysee Palace.

“Our discretion is not synonymous with a relationship problem. Everything is fine, but you will not know more » she said in June 2020, to the magazine Madame Figaro. For the actress, we must remain vigilant and leave the door closed on his private life. A line of conduct that she shares with her companion and on which she does not intend to compromise. Obviously, the information on the supposed connection between François Hollande and the 33-year-old dancer does not shake the couple.

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