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Politico-literary re-entry

Left 2022: the big traffic jamdossier

In a book that comes out this Wednesday, the former head of the state curls the actors of the campaign, including Emmanuel Macron and Eric Zemmour, with murderous sentences. And believes that Social Democracy is “best placed” to “restore hope” to France.

What if François Hollande was in fact a clash rapper, the type to put his opponents to bed with a strong line? Six months before the presidential election, the former president shows that for lack of anything better, he is always ready to distribute good points and bad fists to the actors of the political news. Emmanuel Macron? He jumps “From one conviction to another like a frog on water lilies”. Eric Zemmour? a “Little Thing” who fed “A growing bitterness” not to be sufficiently recognized. “But it is not Trump who wants, even in miniature.” In his work entitled Confront (Stock editions), which comes out in bookstores this Wednesday, François Hollande is going wild.

The former socialist president reviews, in the Parisian, the various putative or declared presidential candidates and is ironic about some of them: he sees Emmanuel Macron in particular as “A man of no doctrine, a traveler without a compass […] changing opinions according to events ”.

A point of view that François Hollande completed this Wednesday, invited in the morning of France Inter to discuss the book. Once again, the former socialist president could not resist saying a word about his successor: “It’s not the ” at the same time ”, it’s ” the zeitgeist ”. But a country needs to have a meaning, a vision ”, develop the one for whom “Emmanuel Macron represents a technostructure which thought it could do better than the politicians”.

Hidalgo rather than Montebourg

In his camp, François Hollande considers Jean-Luc Mélenchon as “A ball for the left”, and describes his former Minister of the Economy, Arnaud Montebourg, as “A Zorro of politics”, “emerging out of the night to deliver France from the clutches of Brussels. But if one day he sat on the European Council, he would pass for a zozo ”. Less critical of Edouard Philippe, he notes however that the latter camouflages today “His real intentions in a sort of rhetorical fog, like those octopuses hiding behind a cloud of ink”.

The ex-president praises the merits of Anne Hidalgo, “A woman of composure, determination and tenacity”, to which he advises to stay “Proud of its socialist identity” for “To be able to bring together a majority of French people”. But he nevertheless judges that it would be necessary “A bath of youth” to the “Good old social democracy”, and that the socialist candidate in 2022 will have to “Have a global project” and “To address everyone”. In short, a support that would undoubtedly not be unhappy to (re) become caliph in place of the caliph.

“I call for the rallying of voters around a driving force which must be the left of government”, he summoned, lamenting that on the left, “All the candidates are Lilliputian. They are engaged in battles as microcholine as they are microscopic ”. And states: “This election will be marked by seriousness”, who “Will make the difference”.

“Ecological emergency”

Basically, François Hollande makes a series of proposals: he defends a presidential regime that suppresses the Prime Minister, a “planning” for “To fix for a long time the path of growth of the country”. He also advocates a “French New Deal” post-Covid, intended for “Strengthen our industrial capacities, adapt our organization to the ecological emergency, and prepare the population, young and old alike, for the jobs of tomorrow”.

In front of “The essential carbon pricing”, which risks creating «l’injustice», he suggests, like others on the left, “Compensation through the distribution of targeted checks”, and to significantly raise the “Bonuses for the purchase of an electric car or a heater with low CO2 emissions”. He also judges «possible» to raise the gross minimum wage to 1,900 euros at the end of the next five-year term, ie a little over 3% per year.


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