Frankfurt am Main: SUV hit people on the sidewalk – two dead

Frankfurt am Main
SUV captured several people on the sidewalk – two dead

Accident vehicle in Frankfurt am Main: Two people were fatally injured in the collision on Saturday evening

© Silas Stein / DPA

A serious accident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Frankfurt am Main: for an as yet unexplained cause, an SUV hit a house wall. Two people died from their serious injuries.

After the fatal collision of an SUV with several people on a sidewalk in Frankfurt am Main, the police are looking for the causes. Both a car race and an assassination attempt can be ruled out as a reason, said a police spokesman early on Sunday morning. Apart from that, one does not yet know more details about the cause of the accident, an expert is investigating the case. Witnesses are wanted. A final report is not yet available.

A spokesman had previously said that the driver was being investigated, for example whether he was driving too fast. In the accident on Saturday afternoon, the SUV had come off the road in a curve and crashed into a house wall. According to the police, three people were seriously injured on the sidewalk. They came to hospitals where a 62-year-old pedestrian from the Ostalb district in Baden-Württemberg and a younger bicycle courier died. The third victim was a woman.

Debate after 2019 SUV accident

According to the police, the identity of the middle-aged driver was not initially certain. He was not seriously injured. He was taken to a police station to clarify his personal details and to record his testimony.

After a similar accident in Berlin in 2019, a debate about the dangers of heavy sports off-road vehicles (SUV) broke out. At that time, one of these vehicles ran off the road in the center of the capital and fatally injured four pedestrians, including a three-year-old boy.


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