Frankfurt continues offensive with vaccination with AstraZeneca

AEven at the end of the week there is mixed news about corona infection in Hesse: The health authorities have reported fewer new cases to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) than a week ago. The incidence, the key figure, is falling. It is now at the level of last Friday. However, there are still significantly more new infections among 100,000 inhabitants recorded within a week in Hesse than the federal average. In addition, some deaths in connection with the pandemic are to be mourned more. And the nationwide incidence, which is beyond 100, continues to cause curfews everywhere, although “Click and Meet” is permitted in several districts such as Darmstadt-Dieburg, Main-Taunus, Schwalm-Eder or Wetterau (see box below).

Against the background of the ongoing campaign by the city of Frankfurt with the Astra-Zeneca product, Hessen is catching up with vaccinations compared to other countries. When it comes to first vaccinations, the state is no longer the last, but it is still below the federal average. Frankfurt can assign up to 785 special appointments a day. The dates are in high demand; so far, however, the quota has not always been used up immediately, as is evident from a request from the FAZ. With almost 32,000 first vaccinations administered in the 28 Hessian vaccination centers, a new daily high was reached on Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior announced, according to dpa. According to Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), the country has reduced its stocks for second vaccinations from around 120,000 to around 35,000 doses within two weeks.

The RKI reports 1737 new cases in Hesse after 2010 a week ago. The health authorities have recorded 262,327 infections since the pandemic began a year ago. That corresponds to almost four percent of the country’s population. Around 24,600 cases are still active, so they are not over. The RKI does not officially collect this number, but only estimates it. Anyone who does not receive medical treatment two weeks after a positive PCR test is considered to have recovered. 28 deaths are added, since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,862 people have officially died in Hessen from or with Covid-19.

The federal institute responsible for disease control gives the Hessian incidence as 166. That is a minus of four points compared to the previous day and corresponds to the value from a week ago. However, the federal average is 155. Schleswig-Holstein continues to perform best with 64, with Saxony (211) leading the table, ahead of Thuringia (210) and Baden-Württemberg (186).

Special vaccination dates are still available

The city of Offenbach has the highest incidence with 263.3, followed by the district of Fulda with 240.7 and the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg (231) and the district of Gießen (214). The Wetteraukreis has the lowest index with 107. Kassel has 197, as does Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, the city of Frankfurt still assigns special vaccination appointments for people under and over 60 years of age via its registration portal. The Astra-Zeneca vaccine is on offer. A vaccination is only possible if someone belongs to prioritization group 1-3 of the Corona vaccination ordinance at the time of vaccination and the Frankfurt am Main vaccination center is responsible. “Any other information circulating on the Internet is wrong! The vaccination is carried out with the vaccine from the manufacturer Astra-Zeneca. It is not possible to change the vaccine in the vaccination center, ”it says on the relevant website. A total of 5500 appointments are available, recently also to commuters who work in Frankfurt. They can be booked until May 9th.

Intensive care units relieved somewhat

The Hessian vaccination campaign can still use a boost, because the country ranks far behind in the country comparison when it comes to first vaccinations, even if it is no longer in the last position. 25.4 percent of Hessen received the first preventive injection against the coronavirus, the federal average is 26.9 percent. However, with around 7.7 percent vaccinated people, Hessen is at the national level.

According to the latest figures from the DIVI intensive care register, 452 Covid patients are being treated in intensive care units in Hesse, compared with 476 just under a week ago; 231 of them have to be ventilated. 1769 of the intensive care beds available in 1966 are occupied, according to DIVI, including patients with other diseases, as reported by the dpa.


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