Frapp: “The judge must save the honor of justice by relaxing Guy Marius Sagna”

The trial of Guy Marius Sagna in “flagrante delicto of disseminating false news” took place in a barricaded court and a city of Dakar infested with police and gendarmes.


“For having denounced the refusal by the gendarmerie to take the complaint of the 5 FRAPP militants attacked in full view of everyone, the prosecutor asks in his indictment” 2 years including 6 months in prison “in the name that he We must “protect the gendarmerie institution”, reports a press release from the Front for a popular and pan-African anti-imperialist revolution.

Armed arm…

According to the comrades of Guy Marius Sagna, by making such an indictment, the prosecutor turns out to be the “punitive armed wing of Macky / APR / BBY and therefore dishonors the justice severely put to the test of servility by the presidential regime which instrumentalizes it. to silence any opposition illegally ”. For Frapp, this is in this case a flagrant violation of the right of expression as a citizen of Mr. Sagna.

Judicial cabal …

“It is clear in this judicial cabal that the judge must save the honor of justice by purely and simply relaxing Guy Marius Sagna. This is what all Senegalese litigants, Africans and Senegalese justice internationalists expect ”, continues Frapp.

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