Freddy Ñáñez blames the West for the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Freddy Ñáñez VTV
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Freddy Ñáñez, Vice President of Communication for Nicolás Maduro, blamed the West this Friday for “constant provocations” to Russia, which had the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an “outcome”.

«This outcome (the invasion) caused by the constant provocations of the West against a sovereign state like the Russian Federation has two readings: 1- the Nazi-facist government of Ukraine has been left alone; 2- Nobody wants and nobody agrees with an escalation of war in today’s world”, wrote Ñáñez in Twitter.

Ñáñez, who described the invasion as “special military operations announced by President (Vladímir) Putin”, considered that they are aimed at “neutralizing the Ukrainian military bases used by that government to commit genocide against the dissident population.”

He considered that the purpose of the invasion is also “to dissuade NATO from its hostile plans against Russia”, although he did not detail what those plans consist of.

Finally, Freddy Ñáñez asserted that there has been “Western bravado and anti-Russian propaganda,” but that “the lesson” to be drawn from the situation is that “Russia must be respected.”

“Past history and what is being written today advises it,” he concluded.

The Venezuelan government yesterday made a call “to return to the path of diplomatic understanding”, hours after the crisis generated after the military operation.

“Venezuela calls for a return to the path of diplomatic understanding through effective dialogue between the parties involved in the conflict to avoid escalation,” the Executive said in a statement released by President Nicolás Maduro on Twitter.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine early Thursday morning, after months of military tensions and after asking the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk for their help in “repelling” the Ukrainian Army.

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