Frédéric Mion does not resign

Exclusivity France Soir: according to our information, it is by an official announcement to the employees of Sciences Po that Frédéric Mion, the director of the school, has confirmed that he will not resign.

The director of the institution on rue Saint-Guillaume had been caught in the turmoil of the Olivier Duhamel case and claimed to have fallen naked, while he had been informed by Aurélie Filipetti of the serious facts alleged against the former president of the National Political Science Foundation, which he later acknowledged.

Olivier Duhamel, eminent professor of constitutional law, admired by generations of students until now, resigned from the presidency of the Siècle, and from several other important functions which he exercised at the crossroads of the intelligentsia, the media and the power. Resulting in its fall some withdrawals of big names (Jean Veil, Elisabeth Guigou, Marc Guillaume …) from their posts because of their personal or professional links with him, the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book had the effect of an explosion and “freed the floor” on the painful subject of incest, especially on social networks with the hashtag #metooinceste which accompanied many confidences.

Students had asked for his resignation in particular by demonstrating on Monday, they were not answered.

Contacted by France Soir, the Sciences Po administration confirms that Frédéric Mion “maintains this line that he has had since the revelations of this affair began”. The presidency of the FNSP (National Foundation for Political Science), of which Louis Schweitzer is acting, should be assigned next May.

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