Free battle royale “Crab Game” funny new work is on Steam, the author emphasizes that this is not “Squid Game” | 4Gamers

The Netflix exclusive Korean drama “Squid Game” (Squid Game) has caused a phenomenon-level craze overseas, and related Mod modes have appeared in major game modification workshops. Therefore, similar “Crab Game” (Crab Game) games appeared on Steam. As expected, but the developer emphasized that this work is definitely not “Squid Game”.

This “Crab Game” was developed by overseas YouTuber Dani. Some people may find it familiar. Yes, he is the one before.“I made a free survival dung work “Muck” under the excitement, and was highly praised on Steam by a YouTuber who has been praised by millions of people.”, This time he released his new work, obviously everyone knows where the idea was copied.


According to the description of the Steam store, “Crab Game” is a first-person multiplayer game. You have to win in different children’s mini games in order to pursue huge bonuses. Only the person who survives the last can get the full bonus.

At the same time, the article emphasizes that this work is definitely not based on a popular online streaming of Korean TV shows, because this may cause legal trouble for developers, so they will never do that.


According to the official announcement, the game can be joined by up to 20 people, with a total of 12 maps and 8 game modes. Although the rules and content of the game mode have not yet been disclosed, I believe it should not be too similar to “Squid Game”.

At the same time, don’t forget that Dani used to develop funny “dung games” for fun, so don’t expect too much quality, anyway, it’s free to download.

“Game of Crab”, which is definitely not “Game of Squid”, is expected to be launched on Steam on November 6, and Steam will be marked as a free game.


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