Free does not abandon the Delta Freebox player but invites its subscribers to be patient

Free does not abandon the Delta Freebox player but invites its subscribers to be patient

The developers are working hard on the Free-Devialet player, but the changes take time, explains one of them.

When is she coming? The question is regularly asked on the bugtracker concerning several new features announced by the operator for the Free Devialet player. In addition to the classic response “soon”, Thibaut Freebox explains that the connected speaker is far from being neglected by Xavier Niel’s operator.

The point is, a whole dev team works on long-term topics specifically for Player Delta, notably Alexa. But the long run requires patience.”He explains to subscribers urging him to deploy new features, including the integration of Apple Music with Alexa, expected since August 2019.

The pikes of disgruntled Freenauts seem less to reach it than the frustration of the delays in seeing new features arriving on the Player. Faced with the threat of product obsolescence, he simply responds “We still have 10 years minimum“. As for the possible cancellations of disappointed subscribers, he explains simply ” cancellations do not change much since the owners keep their Player, can return, can resell it to someone who wants to subscribe and integrate it into their subscription. ”However, Free is not deaf to the expectations of Freebox Delta subscribers, on the contrary.

As for the frustration, believe me, we are the first concerned so much we would already like to offer you everything we are working on and what will follow! ”He says. We know that technical constraints can hinder the arrival of expected features, such as Dolby Atmos, and developers find themselves stuck without having control over the situation.

In this interview, Xavier Niel explained to us why the feature took so long to arrive

Thibaut Freebox also concludes his message expressing his frustration with a sober “I will return !

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